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Hungarian Suzuki Corporation

We have been producing parts for Magyar Suzuki since 2009. At that time, serial production of the products built into the well-known Suzuki Swift model began with 36 components. Nowadays, they are only produced as spare parts, but the well-deserved Suzuki Vitara also bears the signature of Karsai Plast, as there are 8 products manufactured by us. Among other things, the lower protective element of the engine compartment and some aesthetic parts, such as: the "A" pillar. Over the years, we have managed to build a good relationship with the colleagues of Magyar Suzuki, thanks to their cooperative and supportive attitude.


Jabil Ukraine Ltd. LLC

We started production for the electronics industry in 2006. The product family, which includes both internal and external components and consists of nearly 40 components, is included in the award-winning Openscape Business X3 and X5 versions. 


Shinwa Precision Hungary

In 2017, Shinwa Precision Hungary asked us to manufacture some supporting parts for them. We are currently making more than 10 different special support elements for them, with the help of which they made their painting process even more efficient.



We produce some aesthetic parts for the well-known Opel. Although series production has already ended and we make these elements as spare parts, we are proud to be able to supply one of the most famous car factories in the world.

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