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Karsai Plast Ltd. specialises in the production of technical injection moulded plastic parts, components, special injection moulded products and large plastic products at its site in the Tiszaújváros Industrial Park.
We have an extremely wide range of machines, with a clamping force of 50 to 4000 tons, equipped with automatic robots.

In Hungary and in the Central Europe region, we are the only company with a modern Engel injection moulding machine with a closing force of 4000 tons, capable of handling plastic products weighing up to 25 kg. The range of products that can be manufactured with this machine is extremely wide, from large interior elements for passenger cars to sun beds.

Thanks to our extensive manufacturing experience, our business partners come from a wide range of industries, supplying to the automotive, electronics, telecommunications, fine mechanics and furniture industries.
We continuously work with our partners in the technical development of new products, in the search for and sourcing of special raw materials and additives for manufacturing, in the production of samples and in testing. In serving our customers, we apply the partner's procurement and supply process specifications.

Our technological background enables us to label and decorate specific types of plastic products using pad printing.
We are able to carry out partial or complete assembly of products manufactured by us or supplied to us.
We also sell our own products and those of our member companies.

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